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  • Thank you for choosing Pelican Harbor for your celebration!

    Now that you have booked your party, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Below are a few helpful tips as your party approaches.

    Send out your party invitations
    Invite your guest 4 weeks in advance of your party. It is recommended to send a reminder to invited guest the week before your party. Many of your guests may have forgotten to RSVP. A quick email, text or phone call will help you ensure you have accurate numbers to provide to our team.

    Finalize your guest list and food selection (Due the Wednesday before your party)
    After your reminder, you should have a good guest list. Review your list and determine if the standard cheese pizza is the right option for your party. If it is not, plan on emailing us whether you would like cheese, sausage, pepperoni or a specialty pizza (for an additional $2 fee) for your three pizzas that come with your party. If you feel that is not enough, be sure to let us know you would like to add pizzas to your order. In addition, if your guest count is over 15, please let us know if extra desserts will need to be purchased. Remember, you will be asked to pay for additional guest or food orders no later than the Wednesday before your party.

    Confirm your party details
    A representative from our team will email you with confirmation of your final guest count and food selections. This will give you piece of mind that every detail is taken care of.

    Arrive early
    Enter through door #15 and check in at the Pelican Harbor receptionist desk. It is a good idea to plan on arriving early to to get the guest of honor settled and ready to greet his or her guests to get the fun started! A circle table will be reserved for the entire length of your day. This is in addition to your 90-minute celebration deck time.

    Play and have fun!
    Splish, splash and have a blast in the pool, but please be safe too. We ask that all swimming guest wear appropriate lined swimwear. If any child is wearing a life vest, a parent/guardian must be within arm’s reach of that child. Only U.S. Coast Guard floatation devices are permitted in the pool. Please share with other parents in your party to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun experience.

    When it is your time for your celebration deck time
    Gather your guests 15 minutes prior to your celebration time and head to the deck where you will be greeted by your host/hostess. A solid color table cloth, plates, napkins and cups will be set by the time you arrive. If you would like to decorate your area, please limit it to specialty tablecloths, table toppers and balloons. You will be able to get into your celebration deck area no more than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Your pizza will arrive at the beginning of your celebration time. Let your host know when your guests are ready to be served pizza and dessert and we will take care of the rest.