Leverage kids’ fire and EXCITEMENT,
building the strength, agility, stealth and mental prowess of a trained ninja.

Ninja Zone is a thrilling new sport for kids. It was developed by fusing elements of martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle course training and freestyle movement. The result is more confident, disciplined kids who have a physical, mental and emotional foundation to take on any challenge.

It is 80% Continuous Movement. Coordination trains safety as they will know how to land, roll and shock absorb and stay safe in most sports. Instinctual Safety will be taught and that is learning how to fall and recover.

YES! Ninja classes are for everyone! We are not currently doing classes separated by gender and do not have plans to split them.

Each Ninja is required to purchase a uniform package – t-shirt and headband signifying their level.

It’s time to prepare for your Ninja Training…
In an effort to promote discipline and unity, Ninja Sports International requires uniforms for all NinjaZone classes. NinjaZone HQ will ship your child’s uniform along with Top Secret Tips from Ninja Nik, free of charge, directly to your home.

Your child will receive a special mailer especially for them, and they will have the chance to get pumped up for NinjaZone classes before they even begin! The NinjaZone uniform comes with a choice of two types of shirts: cotton or performance, and the uniform also includes a special Ninja headband. Get ready for it…there’s about to be a Ninja in the house. Hii-yah!

Parents, please click the button below to purchase your official Ninja(s) required uniform. It is important to select Bolingbrook Park District at checkout.

Purchase Ninja Uniform