200302 / Science Made Fun

During this 4 week class session children will participate in four different STEAM activities. All activities are hands-on with different experiments each week.
Meteorology Madness – Learn how the flow of energy drives the water cycle. Use real weather instruments to measure temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction. Make and take home your own windsock.
Smarty Plants – Get all the Seedy facts on the parts of a plant as we dissect a real flower. Use your senses to touch, smell, and compare leaves and seeds by size, shape, and structure. Watch as we change a carnation a different color. Get to the “root” of the mystery as we learn what plants need to survive. Make and take home a terrarium.
Rock and Roll -Young geologists will observe, sort and classify rocks as they learn real
geology terms. Get the earthy facts about different soil types: sand, clay, and loam. Pan for
minerals and crystals to take home.
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs© – Learn the difference between an insect and a spider. Examine real bugs and see for yourself how an insect really sees the world. Make a bug that you can even eat and take home with you.

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