Swimming offers A LIFETIME
of fun and physical fitness!

Swimming is one of the greatest lifetime skills that you can develop. It can save your life or a friends! Bolingbrook Park District is committed to programs that will help you become a stronger swimmer and foster a lifetime of joy through the sport of swimming.

Pelican Harbor Indoor Aquatic Park offers numerous swimming opportunities for all levels of swimmers. Our swim classes are part of Parkie’s Swim School. The school offers classes for kids as young as 3 months on up to adults. Anyone can learn to swim, no matter what age they are. The format of classes vary from group lessons to semi-private and private lessons.

Lap swim times are available for those looking for the physical benefits of swimming.  It is also a perfect opportunity for new swimmers to practice their skills. Our Swim Team offers one more opportunity to enhance those skills with more instruction.

Water aerobic classes are offered for those looking for a different way to get a great cardio workout in that is gentle on their joints. Pelican Harbor truly offers something for every swimmer!

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