• Park Permit Information
  • Reserve your picnic area for your next social gathering by obtaining a park permit. When you obtain a permit we take extra care to make sure the area you reserved is clean and orderly. If another group is in your spot, by authority of the permit, they must relinquish the site to you. Permits are required for groups of 15 or more.

    Please Note: Sites are based on size and/or the amenities of the park. We have a $50 refundable security deposit for all park permits. This is in addition to the fees listed for the parks below.

    Event Permit

    $100 plus regular fee
    Necessary if having more than 150 people and/or any of the following: 5K, petting zoo, pony rides, dumpster, bleachers, dunk tank, port-o-let, large tents (any tent that is not a “pop-up”)

    Premier Parks

    Parks that have some or all of the following: flush toilets, shelters, playground, parking.

    Park Permit Fee: $150
    With Resident ID: $75

    • Central Park - 201 Recreation Drive/li>
    • Wipfler Park - 549 Rockhurst Road
    • Indian Boundary Park - 990 W. Boughton Road
    • James Boan Woods - 410 Schmidt Road
    • Remington Lakes - 811 W Remington Blvd

    Standard Parks

    Parks with port-o-lets, no playground or no shelter

    Park Permit Fee: $100
    With Resident ID: $50

    • Balstrode Park - 181 Thackeray Drive/li>
    • Winston Woods - 200 Winston Drive
    • Indian Chase Meadows - 525 Pheasant Chase Drive
    • Prairie Trails - 1370 Danof Drive
    • Champions Park - 1600 Firethorn
    • Johansen Farm Park - 770 Hartford Lane
    • Hidden Lakes - 475 Trout Farm Road
    • Volunteer Park - 200 Lindsey Lane

    Neighborhood Parks

    Parks with no port-o-let, possibly no shelter, on-street parking

    Park Permit Fee: $50
    With Resident ID: $25

    Blackhawk, Century, Cider Creek, Community, Drake, Erickson, Freedom, Heritage, Ivanhoe, Jaycee, Knights of Columbus, Liberty, Lilac, Lions, Plimmer, Poplar, River Bend, River Hills, Rotary, Schraeder, St. Francis, Sunset, The Forest, Veterans Parks.

    The fee is non-refundable even if a permit is cancelled. If a key is not returned within 48 hours of the permit date $25 will be withheld from the security deposit. Permits need to be reserved at least 2 weeks prior to the date requested. A park permit application form is available at the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex or Annerino Community Center.

    Please call Angie Newberry 630.739.4696 for specific questions or 630.739.0272 for more information and availability.

    Bolingbrook Park District provides opportunities for visitors of diverse abilities to enjoy our parks, facilities and programs. The District is committed to inclusion and universal access to individuals with disabilities. We have and will continue to improve accessibility so that everyone can fully enjoy their visit and experience.

    Code of Conduct

    1. Alcohol is not allowed in the parks.
    2. Dogs, cats and other pets are welcome but must be leashed.
    3. Gas driven generators may be used for power.
    4. Grilling is allowed. Please bring a container to remove hot coals; placing them in the park's plastic trash containers will cause them to melt.
    5. Special permission is required to erect tents larger than 15'.
    6. Amplified sound systems must be kept to levels that are not distracting or disruptive to neighbors.
    Please call (630) 739-1700 or (630) 739-0272 for more information and availability.