• Kindness Rocks
  • To help spread happiness and joy throughout the community, the Village of Bolingbrook, Fountaindale Public Library and Foundation for Bolingbrook Parks have teamed up to launch the “Bolingbrook Kindness Rocks Challenge.” By painting rocks with inspirational quotes, messages and/or motifs on them and giving them to loved ones or leaving them throughout the community, the goal is to inspire others and recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join the pursuit of inspiring others through small acts of kindness.

    Residents are encouraged to take a picture of their rocks and post it to either the Village of Bolingbrook, Fountaindale Public Library, or Foundation for Bolingbrook Parks Facebook pages using the #MAKEKindessRocks and leave them in parks, on trails or paths for others to find.

    This is a part of a much larger cause. The Kindness Rocks Project started in July of 2015 in Massachusetts and has since spread all over the United States, into Canada and even to New Zealand. One message at just the right time can change your entire day, outlook, or life!

    "We are very excited to team up with the Village to spread happiness and are excited to see what our residents come up with. Our hope is that we can help make someone’s day through a simple act of kindness,” said Bolingbrook Park District Executive Director, Ron Oestreich. “We encourage those who leave rocks at our parks to not place them on playground equipment, keep them off the grass and paths/trails to keep those who are playing on playgrounds or walking on the grounds safe and preserve the beauty of the rocks artwork."

    There are plenty of places to find rocks in Bolingbrook, so get out and start painting and you could make someone’s day!

    Facebook pages:

    Village of Bolingbrook
    Foundation for Bolingbrook Parks
    Fountaindale Public Library